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Our supplements are expertly formulated by Dr. Jessica Peatross, who understands the
frustration of ineffective products and solutions. Her own health challenges led her to the world
of functional medicine. Now, she creates our products, designed to give you what’s actually
necessary and what works so that you feel the difference.

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After three days it kicked in… I am SUPERCHARGED!!

"This tastes amazing! …with this formulation I could take six other supplements that I’m currently taking [in pill form] …off my shelf.”

“I feel amazing."

-Robby Besner (CEO of Therasage products)

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Another supplement company? We strive to be much more than that. By providing you with research and education coupled with scientifically proven supplements, our goal is to empower you to unlock your confidence, energy, and vitality at full potential.

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  • Carries essential nutrients throughout the body using a lipid nano layer, which is like a protective “bubble”. This safeguards each nutrient from the body’s natural defenses, such as stomach acid, to ensure it remains intact until reaching the intended location.

  • This targeted nutrient delivery method helps ingredients cross the blood-brain barrier. Tiny particles (less than one micron) carry each nutrient directly to where it’s needed in the body so you get the maximum effectiveness from every dose.

  • Nanoliposomal delivery ensures maximum absorption and bioavailability as nutrients enter cells so you feel a positive difference in your health, sooner.